Which is the Best Flagship Phone Between the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Apple iPhone 14?

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The new iPhone 14 models from Apple have at long last been released. But how do the most recent smartphones from Cupertino stack up against those from Samsung’s Galaxy S22 family? In order to assist you in determining which flagship phone is ideal for you, let’s take a closer look at what each family of phones has to offer.

The iPhone 14 is more expensive than the Galaxy S22.

When selecting a phone, the price is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration. You want to have the impression that you are receiving a good deal for your money, particularly if you are directly contrasting two different mobile devices.

Because both the base model of the iPhone 14 and the base model of the Sstart at $799 and offer 128GB of storage, the pricing won’t be able to assist you pick between the two.

However, if you go up to a higher screen size, you can save a little bit of money with Apple: The iPhone 14 Plus starts at $899, whereas the goes for $999. This is because the larger screen size requires a larger battery. Both variants come with 128 gigabytes of storage space.

Which is the Best Flagship Phone Between the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Apple iPhone 14?

Moving on to the top-of-the-line (and largest) phones, the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s starting price for the 128GB variant is $1,099, while the starting price for the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 128GB model is $1,199. You can obtain the performance of the Pro Max on a device with a smaller screen by purchasing an iPhone 14 Pro with 128 GB of storage for $999.

Therefore, if you want a more capacious phone or a high-end model, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max are slightly less expensive options for you to consider. When it comes to the base models, there will be no discernible change in the monetary amount.

iPhone 14 and Galaxy S22: A Comparison of Their Designs and Durabilities

You probably already have an idea in mind as to whether you prefer the design and feel of Apple or Samsung smartphones. Because all of the smartphones in each series are pleasant to the eye and come in a wide variety of color options, there is no incorrect response to this question. On the other hand, if you don’t enjoy having a notch cut out of the top of your phone screen, you probably won’t like the iPhone 14 or the iPhone 14 Plus because both of these models still include that design characteristic. On the other hand, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max come equipped with the company’s brand-new Dynamic Island, which features a more distinguishable appearance and helpful OS integrations. There is no notch on any of the S22 models, however there are a few small circular perforations where the front-facing cameras are located.

Which is the Best Flagship Phone Between the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Apple iPhone 14?

For a product that costs $799 or more, durability is also a significant consideration. Both families of phones, fortunately, have outstanding IP68 certifications, which indicates that they are completely dustproof and can tolerate being submerged in water at depths of up to 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) for a period of half an hour.

On the front and the rear of each of the three different versions is a cover made of the most recent generation of Gorilla Glass called Victus+. On the other hand, both the front and back of the iPhone 14s are constructed out of Apple’s exclusive Ceramic Shield glass. Apple claims that its glass is more robust than that of any other smartphone, but the Victus+ should be able to withstand normal wear and tear for the vast majority of users. We won’t be able to get an accurate reading on this front without first conducting our own drop tests, so we’ll have to call the phones.

Power and Performance Comparing the iPhone 14 and the Galaxy S22

Another essential aspect to take into account is the hardware that a phone possesses. When shopping for a new phone, pay particular attention to the specifications of the CPU and the amount of random access memory (RAM).

Apple equips the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, which have lower starting prices, with an optimized version of its A15 CPU that was released a year ago, while it equips the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with its newest A16 Bionic processor. There is only one version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU used in all versions.

Which is the Best Flagship Phone Between the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Apple iPhone 14?
XDA Developers

All of the Galaxy S22 versions were easily defeated by the iPhone 13 (thanks to its A15 chip), which came out on top in our Geekbench tests. As a point of comparison, the iPhone 13 received a score of 1,721 on the single-core test and 4,629 on the multi-core test, while the received scores of 1,232 and 3,433. When we do our evaluation of the iPhone 14, we will conduct benchmark tests on it, but we anticipate that the A16 will have even more impressive performance.

Apple does not disclose the amount of random access memory (RAM) that is included in its smartphones, but it is speculated that all members of the iPhone 14 family will have 6 GB of RAM. There are variants of the Samsung Galaxy S22 that come with either 8 or 12 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM).

Both Apple and Samsung provide the most premium versions of their products with storage capacities of up to 1 terabyte (TB).

Battery Life Comparing the iPhone 14 with the Galaxy S22

Unfortunately, Apple does not reveal the sizes of the batteries that are used in the iPhone, and we have not yet conducted any of the typical battery drain testing that we normally do. However, in order to gain a general picture, we can contrast the results of our video streaming rundown testing with Apple’s projections.

Apple claims that the iPhone 14 should have a battery life of up to 16 hours when streaming video. For comparison, the Galaxy S22 with the most basic configuration got 9 hours and 5 minutes out of our video streaming test. In comparison, our test found that the only lasted 10 hours and 30 minutes when put through the same paces as the iPhone 14 Plus. Apple predicts that the iPhone 14 Plus can reach a playtime of 20 hours. Apple has stated that the iPhone 14 Pro Max should have a battery life of up to 25 hours when continuously streaming video. During our battery life testing, the Galaxy S22 Ultra lasted for a total of 12 hours, 14 minutes. Again, because Apple does not define how it does its internal battery tests, you need to take these comparisons with a grain of salt.

Which is the Best Flagship Phone Between the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Apple iPhone 14?
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If those percentages are right, then all of the variants of the iPhone 14 should outlast their equivalents in the Galaxy S22. Even the iPhone 13 models from the previous generation outlasted the phones in our tests, so we have a good reason to believe that Apple’s products have a competitive advantage in this arena.

On all Galaxy S22 variants, Samsung offers charging speeds of up to 45W when using a cable connection (via USB-C). On the other hand, Apple’s iPhone 14 products can only be charged by wire at a slower 20W output (all via a Lightning port). On the subject of wireless charging, Apple equips all iPhone 14 models with a MagSafe charger capable of delivering 15 watts of power, whereas Samsung supports its own 15 watt wireless charging standard. To put it another way, if you use the correct charger, Samsung’s smartphones will charge a little bit quicker. Both companies do not include a charger in the package that they ship.

Display Comparing the iPhone 14 with the Galaxy S22

When it comes to the size of the displays, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro both have screens that measure 6.1 inches, while the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max each have displays that measure 6.7 inches. There are three alternative screen sizes available for the Galaxy S22 series: the standard has a display measuring 6.1 inches, the Galaxy S22+ has a screen measuring 6.6 inches, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a display of 6.8 inches. Screen sizes are generally comparable across all of the lineups; however, if you are looking for the product with the absolute largest display, the winner is the S22 Ultra.

Which is the Best Flagship Phone Between the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Apple iPhone 14?

Although the pixel densities of all of the phones are comparable, there are a few models that stand out. The resolution of the screen on the iPhone 14 is 2,532 by 1,170 pixels, whereas the screen resolution on the base model of the Galaxy S22 is 2,340 by 1,080 pixels. The iPhone 14 Plus features a display that is 2,778 by 1,284 pixels, while the iPhone 14 Pro provides a panel that is 2,556 by 1,179 pixels. Both of them are considered to be in the middle of the spectrum. The resolution of the is the same as the resolution of the base Samsung Galaxy S22, which is 2,340 by 1,080 pixels. This provides the iPhone 14 Plus a slight advantage. In conclusion, the display of the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a resolution of 2,796 by 1,290 pixels, whereas the display of the S22 Ultra has a resolution of 3,080 by 1,440 pixels. Because of this, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a pixel density that is significantly higher than that of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Comparing the Cameras of the iPhone 14 with the Galaxy S22

The camera is one of the primary features that determines the price of a smartphone. There are small distinctions between the camera systems on the iPhone 14 and the Galaxy S22 phones, but the majority of today’s top smartphones come equipped with high-quality cameras that are capable of capturing excellent images.

Both the and S22+ come equipped with the same camera technology from Samsung. You receive a primary sensor with a resolution of 50 megapixels, an aperture of 1.8, dual-pixel autofocus, and optical image stabilization (OIS). Both of these devices come equipped with a 12 megapixel ultra-wide lens that has an aperture of f/2.2, as well as a 10 megapixel telephoto lens that has an aperture of f/2.4, optical image stabilization, and a 3 times optical zoom.

Both the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus from Apple come equipped with a primary lens that has a resolution of 12 megapixels, an aperture of f/1.5, and sensor-shift optical image stabilization. In addition to that, you will have a 12MP ultra-wide lens that has an aperture of f/2.4. Apple’s more cheap phones only include 2x optical zoom, which provides Samsung an edge.

Which is the Best Flagship Phone Between the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Apple iPhone 14?
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Moving up to the high-end models, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max both have a primary camera with a resolution of 48 megapixels and an aperture of 1.78. The camera utilizes Apple’s sensor-shift OIS, which is in its second iteration. In addition to that, there is a 3x telephoto lens that has an aperture of f/2.8 and a 12MP ultra-wide lens that has an aperture of f/2.2.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra features a camera stack with four separate sensors. The primary lens has a maximum aperture of f/1.8 and produces an astounding 108 megapixels with dual pixel autofocus. A 12 megapixel, f/2.2 ultra-wide sensor is also included in this device. The cameras are rounded off by a pair of 10MP telephotos, one of which has a 3x optical zoom and the other of which has a 10x zoom. The iPhone 14 Pro Max only has a 3x optical zoom, but this blasts it out of the water.

In contrast, the iPhone 14 series can only record video in 4K resolution, but Samsung’s Galaxy S22 lineup can record in 8K resolution.

To reiterate, the camera quality on both phones should be very good. In spite of this, the fact that the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a delicious 10x optical zoom is a big differentiator between the products offered by Apple and Samsung. Check out our in-depth articles on the iPhone 14 and cameras for additional information.

Other Important Factors to Take Into Account

Crash detection and emergency SOS through satellite are two of the important features that are exclusive to the new iPhone 14 models. Samsung does not offer these capabilities. On the other hand, if you get the Galaxy S22 Ultra, you will receive Samsung’s S Pen stylus along with all of the features that it provides.

Which is the Best Flagship Phone Between the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Apple iPhone 14?

Although this is not technically a feature that is unique to the family, Android phones are compatible with Windows, but the performance of Apple phones is optimized for the macOS operating system. If the thought of sending text messages from your personal computer or Mac appeals to you, you should probably stick with a phone that is compatible with that ecosystem. In a same vein, the addition of accessories might influence your choice. If you already own an Apple Watch and a pair of AirPods, it makes more sense to purchase an iPhone. However, if you already own a pair of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro as well as a Galaxy Watch 5, the S22 should be your choice.

The choice of app store represents the final factor to take into consideration. If you currently have an Android device and have made app purchases through Google Play, a phone from the Galaxy S22 series may be the most suitable option for you to consider. The same is true if you’re already invested in Apple’s App Store.

The Best Mobile Device for Your Needs

Both the Galaxy S22 lineup and the iPhone 14 appear promising, so you really can’t go wrong with any option. We already highly recommend the Galaxy S22 lineup. Do you like the design of the hardware of the combined with Android as your preferred mobile operating system? Then you should select with the model of the Galaxy S22 that is within your price range. Do you like Apple’s industrial look and iOS? Choose the iPhone 14 model that best meets your needs and preferences.

You can check out our first impressions in the meanwhile, but in the near future, we will have comprehensive assessments of all of the iPhone 14 versions, and we will update this article accordingly.

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