The Hyundai Ioniq 6 might serve as your next mobile workplace

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The Hyundai Ioniq 6 might serve as your next mobile workplace


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After presenting a prospective camping partner in the form of the Ioniq 5 electric crossover, Hyundai EVP and head of design SangYup Lee presented the recently-revealed Ioniq 6 as a “personal mobile studio” where you may not only work but also relax and rejuvenate yourself in addition to working. This week, the automobile was referred to as “a cocoon-like personal environment” during a press briefing that took place.
If you find that working in your home office is causing you stress and fatigue, you might benefit from transitioning to a workspace that is mobile. It offers 64 distinct interior colors for you to choose from, and it comes with six different pre-selected themes for you to choose from. They can also brighten as you accelerate, keeping you aware of your driving pace. A top-of-the-line vehicle with two motors and all-wheel drive can go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour (62.14 miles per hour) in 5.1 seconds.

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 might serve as your next mobile workplace

The manufacturer places an emphasis on remote work capabilities such as a center console of the “bridge type” that is designed to support a laptop and an application for taking notes that is built into one of the two 12-inch screens. In addition, there is one USB-A port and four USB-C connections for charging a variety of gadgets, and the seats themselves are smaller so as to make the most of the available space within the vehicle. Hyundai insists that its vehicles continue to provide a high level of comfort and can even be reclined into a sleeping position.
In addition, its “streamliner” shape was not merely designed for aesthetic purposes. The 0.21 coefficient of drag that the Ioniq 6 possesses helps to lower its power usage down to 14 kWh per 100 km. This results in an estimated range of 610 km, which is approximately 379 miles, from the long-range 77.4 kWh battery (though the estimate is based on the European WLTP range, expect EPA range to be shorter). There is also a standard-range option available, which has a battery capacity of 53 kWh. At the press briefing, the Ioniq 6 also featured side view cameras in place of conventional mirrors; however, this feature is highly unlikely to be available in the United States.

The Ioniq 6 sedan is designed for young professionals who, according to the manufacturer, will be interested in more technology. On the other hand, the Ioniq 5 SUV is geared more toward young families who require the room and functionality of an SUV. Despite the fact that both automobiles are constructed on the automaker’s E-GMP electric vehicle platform, the Ioniq 6 comes with automatic switching between 2WD and 4WD, additional tuning features, and improvements in both performance and efficiency brought about by the motor and drivetrain being upgraded. And perhaps most significantly, the Ioniq 6 will be the first vehicle produced by Hyundai to support software updates delivered over-the-air.

The Hyundai Ioniq 6 might serve as your next mobile workplace

Additionally, Hyundai will be releasing an Ioniq 6 NFT collection, and the company has stated that the automobile will be able to be experienced digitally in the automaker’s metaverse studio on Zepeto, in addition to a Roblox experience. In addition, the Ioniq 6 online experience is compatible with VR headsets, allowing for a deeper level of immersion.
Production of the Hyundai Ioniq 6 is scheduled to get underway in Korea during the third quarter of this year, after which it will go to Europe. Production is scheduled to begin in the United States in January 2023, although the manufacturer has not stated whether or not the electric vehicle would be assembled at the plant that will soon be constructed in Savannah, Georgia. The availability in the US will be determined by supply and demand, but there are no plans for a nationwide release at this time (the Ioniq 5 is currently sold in 38 states).
“By 2030, Hyundai will expand its all-electric line-up to 11 models to secure global EV leadership,” said Hyundai CEO Jaehoon Chang, with a glimpse of its XL-sized Seven concept SUV driving alongside the Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6 on a screen behind him. Chang was speaking in front of a crowd at an event in Seoul, South Korea. After that, the film teased an impending N performance electric vehicle by showing a faster car racing by, but it did not provide any other specifics. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Hyundai is taking electric vehicles (EVs) seriously enough to pass other large automakers (save for Tesla) in EV sales. Let’s just hope that the company’s engineers won’t be compelled to perform all of their work inside an Ioniq 6 in the future.

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