4 Types Of Commercial Equipment Financing

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What is Commercial Equipment Financing? It is not uncommon for a manager or business owner to purchase equipment to support their company. These items could be for your office, including a copy machine, or they could be for manufacturing as well as producing products or services that your company sells.

Commercial equipment is one of the most expensive stuff you can buy for your company. Obtaining a loan may be needed to obtain the necessary equipment.

What Is the Definition of Commercial Equipment Financing?

What Is the Definition of Commercial Equipment Financing?
What Is the Definition of Commercial Equipment Financing?

Commercial equipment financing is the process of obtaining a loan particularly to purchase business equipment. You can use a commercial equipment loan to buy one or more parts of new or used equipment.

Because these loans are designed primarily for business equipment, lenders may have more options than they would otherwise have through more traditional lending channels.

The length of your equipment financing term will vary depending on the type of equipment you purchase and your lender.

Equipment financing is generally less difficult to obtain than other kinds of loans. Even if you don’t have perfect credit, you might be able to get a loan to finance equipment because the lender is going to use the equipment you buy as collateral.

Fixed commercial equipment financing rates are also offered by commercial equipment finance companies, so your monthly payment is not likely to fluctuate.

Commercial Equipment Financing Options

Commercial Equipment Financing Options
Commercial Equipment Financing Options

There are several kinds of business equipment loans available to you. Traditional equipment loans, term loans, SBA CDC/504 loans, and a business line of credit as well as business credit cards are all examples of equipment financing.

Loans for Traditional Equipment Financing

The traditional commercial equipment finance arrangement is favored by new businesses that have not yet established credit history. Commercial equipment loans are typically provided primarily by the equipment retailer.

Companies typically do not require more than a 10 percent down payment on equipment because it is used as collateral unless you’re deemed a particularly dangerous buyer.

Equipment loans could provide quick access to funding. You might be able to finish the entire lending process in a day or two.

Often, you can choose the length of your loan term — if you don’t have a lot of money set aside for monthly bills, you may have the option of longer terms. You will fully own the equipment once you have paid off your loan.

While there are numerous benefits to acquiring an equipment financing loan, there are some drawbacks. Longer loan terms should be avoided if the equipment is probable to become obsolete quickly.

Alternatively, they may be compelled to take out additional equipment loans for updated equipment within a few years. Always remember that equipment financing loans are really only available for the purchase of equipment. They are not eligible for any other commercial purpose.

SBA CDC/504 Loans

Traditional lenders, such as banks, administer SBA loans. The Small Business Administration has secured them and they may be employed to purchase equipment.

Because of their low-interest rates as well as extended repayment terms, these loans are appealing to business owners. An SBA loan can be repaid over a duration of up to 25 years. If a company chooses this kind of financing, it can use it to buy business equipment or for any other purpose. They are not obligated to use the funds solely for equipment.

The main disadvantage of an SBA loan is that it is limited to the most suitable applicants. Your company must have a good credit score as well as solid financials. Applying for an SBA loan is a time-consuming process, so it may be a while before you receive the funding your company requires.

Term Loans

The most conventional kind of business loan is a term loan. It may be utilized to buy business assets or for any other commercial purpose. Term loans, which include both short-term and medium-term loans, are repaid over time with fixed monthly payments.

Depending on your company’s operating history as well as credit score, you may be required to provide additional collateral in addition to the equipment purchased as collateral. A personal guarantee is needed in some, but not all, cases.

Without good credit, some term loans can be difficult to qualify for. However, if you qualify, you may be capable of getting a larger loan.  This option is advantageous if you are planning on buying very expensive equipment, as equipment lenders frequently provide only funding for amounts just under $250,000.

Credit Card or Business Line of Credit

Working capital loans can include a business line of credit or a business credit card. This type of financing is commonly utilized for every business purpose, including the purchase of equipment.

Once you’ve established a line of credit, you may utilize it to borrow as much as you want up to your credit limit as well as make payments according to the present balance and the interest rate you’ve chosen.

Interest rates on business lines of credit as well as credit cards may be higher than on other loan types, depending on your company’s credit history and length of operation. Some credit cards may provide a 0% introductory period for a limited time, which can be beneficial for businesses that are thinking about buying equipment and repaying the principal in a short period of time.


Commercial Equipment Financing can help both established as well as new businesses get the equipment they need to operate effectively. Understanding the various types of funding readily accessible can aid in determining the best options for a company’s needs.

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